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Netty Mac - You Rock My World - Country Infused with 50's Rock
Throw Terri Clark, Elvis Presley, Garth Brooks and Buddy Holly into a blender and you get Netty Mac: Country Infused with 50's Rock 'n Roll. DEMO tracks from album preproduction won ICMA award and ACMA nominations for Female Artist of the Year! The “Netty Mac Train“ Rides Eleven Tracks … Come ride the rails with Netty Mac’s debut CD Release, You Rock My World!
CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA (SEP-2012) – Most trains are limited to two tracks. However, the “Netty Mac Train” is barreling down eleven brand-new tracks on a debut album entitled, You Rock My World. Netty Mac is a Canadian singer, songwriter and entertainer backed by her talented band. Collectively, their musical experience is known as “The Netty Mac Train.” So, get aboard and ride the rails!

Netty Mac stands as the engine of this train of talent that also includes the gifted Mark Stauffer, Russell Boudreau and Noel Snow. Netty Mac is known for a distinctive stylistic collision of 50s rock and pure, hard-driven country music. Netty’s raspy and unique vocal tones create an energy and attitude that result in powerful live performances. Netty describes her band’s style as akin to “… throwing Terry Clark, Elvis Presley, Garth Brooks and Buddy Holly into a blender!” It is Netty’s passion and experience across many, various genres of music that lead to a rare experience for their fans.

Accomplished BMI songwriter and NSAI member Larry Migliore labeled Netty’s powerful vocals as having “… that radio-ready rasp and probably can sing the phonebook!” Amidst rave reviews for You Rock My Word, Mac’s talents have also earned her nomination for 2012 ACMA Female Artist of the Year and Fan Choice of the Year. In addition, she is the winner of the 2012 ICMA Country Vocal Event of the Year for the song, “Please Help Me.”

You Rock My World contains eleven all-original songs that span the country and 50’s rock genres. Netty explains, “I chose You Rock My World as the CD title because I wrote the song to illustrate my musical journey and also the song is a testament to our dedicated and supportive fans … they do rock our world!” Indeed, the title track blazes through its addictive riffs and epitomizes the creative collision of country infused with 50s rock. Other key tracks on the album include “To Feel This Feel”- a song that shows the emotion within Mac’s vocals and writing. Also, a notable track is “Punt With No Regrets” that features the prowess of the iconic Canadian rocker Greg Godovitz (of Goddo); who is also producer on You Rock My World.

Netty Mac and her crew have fueled the “Netty Mac Train” with passion, soul and an unwavering dedication to all their fans onboard. If you’re ready to blast through new genres at each whistle stop – grab your tickets now and jump on the “Netty Mac Train.” and ride the rails down the eleven tracks of the Netty Mac debut CD, You Rock My World.

CONTACT: Debbie Ledene
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