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public: TrueUdsendt af www.Get2Press.dk d. 3 august 2013 « Tilbage til forsiden
'Camp Gyno' Viral Ad Has a Canadian Connection with Global Dreams
This past week saw 'The Camp Gyno" video for a new tampon delivery service (HelloFlo) go viral with over 4 million views and counting. The ad was aimed at stirring up interest in HelloFlo's Period Starter Kit which aside from traditional menstruation products includes a Female Empowerment Bracelet that takes period positivity to a whole new level.
The Female Empowerment Bracelet (Feby) is a tactile, visual and conceptual tool aimed to teach young girls about the natural rhythms of the menstrual cycle. The bracelet has 28 beads of varying colours with different colours representing different stages of the cycle. Red is for the days of the period, pink for fertility, black for premenstrual syndrome days and white for neutral. The user is to move the knot of the bracelet through a bead once a day to gage where they are in their cycle with the understanding that the menstrual cycle lasts all month long, not just the days when Aunt Flo visits.

The creator of the bracelet, Alison Sanchez, lives and works in Mississauga and was inspired to create this handy tool when her own daughters were approaching puberty and she lamented the lack of comprehensive educational materials on the menstrual cycle. For something that is so universal it is surprising that there is no standard method of teaching it to young girls, and really, what could be more important?

Menstruation has long been a taboo subject with honest and open discourse rare and often cloaked in innuendo and euphemisms. The Female Empowerment Bracelet hopes to change that with accurate and reliable information literally in the palm of a young woman's hand and not left to the reticence of a parent or teacher, or incorrect facts from peers. The bracelet acts as a calendar for the average woman's menstrual cycle but doesn't have to be worn to be effective. As Sanchez says "It's not meant as a fashion statement. It's just the nature of a cycle to be a circle."

The tag line for Feby is “What to expect when you’re NOT expecting” and has drawn support from teachers, health professionals, mothers, daughters and even campers.

With the massive positive response to HelloFlo’s ‘Camp Gyno’ video, with Ad Week naming it Ad of the Day and Time hailing it the “greatest tampon ad ever’ for it’s bold use of menstrual related language including “vagina” and the affirmative “red bad of courage”, Sanchez hopes to capture some of this period positivity and in the process provide young women with important information that will enlighten and empower them.
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Feby Empowerment Inc. Feby Empowerment Inc.
Alison Sanchez
Tlf.: 416-274-6633
alison@feby.com alison@feby.com
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