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public: TrueUdsendt af www.Get2Press.dk d. 21 september 2016 « Tilbage til forsiden
The sale of second hand wedding dresses grows 58% in 2016
According to the leading specialist portal in the buying and selling of wedding dresses in Ireland, www.Weddalia.com/ie/, brides save an average of 64% in the price of their dress. Most brides decide to sell it to get extra money.
Dublin, 20th September 2016. ? With the arrival of autumn, the 2016 weddings season in Ireland is practically over. According to the latest studies of the sector, the trend is that the number of weddings is maintained with respect to 2015 - a total of 22,025-, what already showed a slight stagnation compared to 2014 - 22,045 weddings-. Even so, the trend of the past few years is to reduce the most important wedding expenses, among which we find the banquet and the wedding dress. For this reason, many women ask themselves why not sell my wedding dress after the wedding or to get a second hand one to celebrate my marriage.

Marrying with a second hand dress, the new trend

According to the specialized website where brides can sell their dress, Weddalia.com/ie/, in the first nine months of 2016 have been offered for sale 58% more second hand wedding dresses that in the same period of 2015. 'The main reason that motivates brides to sell their dresses is getting some extra money to face the wedding expenses, or simply to face unexpected events' says Jesús Martín, founder of Weddalia.com/ie/. Brides who sell their dresses in Weddalia.com/ie/ do it with an average discount of 64%, while they may find sales of up to 95%.

'The ones that sell their dresses are giving the chance to future brides of finding dresses that are still in the catalogue of the big names at unbeatable prices and in perfect condition. It's like buying in permanent sales period', adds Martín.

This increase in the purchase of second hand wedding dresses is basically due to the large discounts that the sellers offer. Brides who choose to buy their second hand dress save an average of € 1,200, according to the dresses' data published in Weddalia.com/ie/. The places where most second hand wedding dresses are sold are Dublin City, with 30% of the total number of second hand dresses sold, followed by Cork County (16%), Fingal (12%) and South Dublin (11%).

About Weddalia.com/ie/www.weddalia.com/ie/
Weddalia.com/ie is the leading website in Ireland specialized and without advertising to buy and sell wedding dresses. Weddalia.com/ie/ was born from the idea of a couple right after their wedding. They thought that having the wedding dress, that made them feel such excitement on the day of its celebration, locked in the wardrobe was not the end they wanted for it. So occurred to them that other future brides should have the possibility of enjoying such a wonderful dress. Thus, Weddalia.com/ie/ was born, with the aim of helping couples to recover part of the wedding costs and offering to all future brides dresses at affordable prices.
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