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public: TrueUdsendt af www.Get2Press.dk d. 7 december 2016 « Tilbage til forsiden
FORBES GLOBAL CEO CONFERENCE - 'Cobalt - Rising To The Challenge'
Cobalt, is poised to become an increasingly important raw material in the new energy infrastructure of the future.
Under the theme of ‘Rising to the Challenge’, Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media addressed 400 top global business leaders in Jakarta at this year’s 16th annual Forbes Global CEO Conference, in one of Asia’s most important business gatherings for 2016.

Wang Jianlin, chairman of the Wanda Group, who started his career in China’s military, is today Asia’s richest man with a fortune worth $33 billion on the 2016 Forbes China Rich List published last month, commented at the conference that future growth, will above all be “in those sectors that satisfy our physical and mental needs, such as sports, tourism [and lifestyle products]”.
Alberto Migliucci, the CEO and founder of Singapore-based commodities firm, Petra Commodities agrees with Mr Wang and describes one such asset class, the new “energy metals” as the follow-on big growth sector. Providing his insights to FORBES Indonesia link to article “Cobalt: Mining the Energy Future”, Mr Migliucci states “the present day ‘Digital Age’ and the primacy of new ‘energy metals,’ such as cobalt, will become the building blocks of disruptive technologies that will change the way people drive and power their buildings. This new age will result in higher dependence on renewables and breaking away from traditional infrastructure networks”.

One of the recurring topics of discussion at the conference was which assets or markets hold the most promise? And how can business leaders develop new strategies, leverage on disruptions and capitalize on opportunities.

Investors everywhere have new challenges with their money, different asset classes are flourishing in search of higher returns. Technology is providing opportunities but also dramatic shifts in competitive landscapes. In the past decade, the progress of lithium-ion batteries has been essential to modern technology, powering smartphones, laptops, tablets, medical devices and power tools. “If you look at the constituents of the lithium-ion battery”, Mr Migliucci said “cobalt is the next stand out”. The real growth story is only getting started, with the emergence of electric vehicles (EV) and the energy storage market, which are expected to be the backbone of the new energy economy.

The Forbes message was clear “There is a shift in the competitive landscape - in this fluid environment, leaders in business will want the best of the best and will need to stay alert to change while capitalizing on new opportunities”.
This will require a new look at how we see metals in the future —both in business and investments.
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