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public: TrueUdsendt af www.Get2Press.dk d. 1 marts 2017 « Tilbage til forsiden
Digital Strategy Expert George Achillias to join Alite International UK: “It will be a nice challenge to take a well-established regional offering and make it global”
[Malmö, Sweden, March 01, 2017.] Fast-growing digital innovation and management consultancy, Swedish Alite International, has appointed George Achillias to be Chief Digital Officer.
Highly experienced George Achillias will be responsible for the creation of the structure and the plan for the global expansion of Alite International. But also to understand the challenges our clients have, and how to deliver disruption, optimisation and solutions in a continuous delivery mode.

“I am going to work really close with the board to deliver the growth together”, said George Achillias. “It will be a nice challenge to take a well-established regional offering and make it global.”

Previous to joining Alite International, George Achillias, was the Director of Strategy at Wipro Digital, working with some of the biggest Telcos in the world, designing how industries can be fused using AI and block chain. Still, he felt very attracted to join Alite International.

“There were many things that made me attracted to Alite. The vision to go beyond the typical consultancy approach, the people on-board, and of course the Swedish heritage and legacy to do things in a more humanised, experience-led way”, George Achillias said.

“George is a real catch. With him on board, we will have access to a person who will work with our teams in all locations”, said Fredrik Alstierna, CEO of Alite International. “George will help us to create the thinking, and of course the offering, for our client based on our unique IP expertise in specific domains. And last but not least, our capability to accelerate the change and the adoption of a new digital way of doing business.”

Alite International is helping global companies to create digital revenues, either by developing existing business models, or by helping clients to create entirely new digital business models. Customers include companies in the insurance, publishing, telecoms and traditional industry, and are leaders in their field, conducting global operations. Alite International has grown organically and has a presence in Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Serbia, Macedonia and the UK.

About Alite International AB
Alite International is a global digital innovation consultancy that grows its clients' revenues through business transformation. We focus on developing digital revenues through existing business processes or alternatively, creating entirely new processes based on technology. Alite International is engaged primarily by global companies and large organizations and was founded in 2014 by Fredrik Alstierna. The company has circa 80 employees and is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, with offices in Belgrade, Copenhagen, London, Skopje and Zurich. Read more at, www.alite-international.com/about-alite/

For more information and images of George Achillias, see, https://www.linkedin.com/in/giorgosachillias/

For more information, contact:
Fredrik Alstierna, CEO, Alite International AB
Tel: +46-73-249 39 00
Email: fredrik.alstierna@alite-international.com
More information and images of Fredrik Alstierna, https://www.linkedin.com/in/fredrik-alstierna-b4522b108
Yderligere information
Alite International AB Alite International AB
Fredrik Alstierna
Tlf.: +46-73-249 39 00
fredrik.alstierna@alite-international.com fredrik.alstierna@alite-international.com
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