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WAXii is to car dealers what ASX is to brokers.

The automotive industry is set for major disruption with an exciting new entrant to the marketplace that will stimulate activity, improve margins and give business owners far greater transparency into the operations of the business.  Think Uber, think AirB&B, think AliBaba.  

Enter “WAXii” – The Wholesale Automotive eXchange: the next major disrupter with your chance to become part of its exciting journey.

One of the most successful growth methods of our time has been the transplantation of successful business models from one industry into another applicable circumstance, industry, or product. And that is exactly what WAXii is: taking the stock and securities exchange models we all know and love, and opening an exchange for motor vehicles where each dealer plays the role of a broker, every car represents one share, and the brand sets the value of each share. To top it off, the model, age, and kilometres are the market sensitive subjects which are up for debate every day. Put it all together and what do you have? An instantaneous and seamless evaluation of what a car is worth.

Now, WAXii is going to be officially launched in April, 2017 and is making a call for direct investment in the final stages of the platform’s market testing and launch campaign. This extremely disruptive technology is going to aid the 4500+ dealers nationwide in truly uniting the domestic auto marketplace from its current concentration on the east cost.

With this technology, users will finally be connected with buyers/sellers instantly, and be more likely to use dealerships instead of attempting to sell their cars on their own. Also, dealers will be seeing increased value creation for their clients, and higher margins individually.

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